Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On Line Shopping Galore

Life is too short so enjoy and go shopping galore! Wehehe

Seems like this is exactly what I am doing. But not the usual mall hopping or boutique hopping every weekend. This is easier --a looot easier-- since all you have to do is surf surf and surf. Yep I am addicted to on line shopping. I have been wanting to do so but the first attempt was unsuccessful.. I was ready to buy an Über cutesy party top from an entrepreneur and was about to pay for the item but then I have no Gcash and was too lazy to reload it in my mobile wallet so I opted to go to the nearest bank in our area and deposit the money to her bank account, but alas! the freakin' bank is offline and I was Über lazy to go to a not-so near bank...and there went my first attempt on online shopping.

Then after a few months, my colleague is establishing her own online shopping site and asked me if I wanted to order flip flops (sample items) of course free International shipping. Ahehe

Also, I chanced the site of Chynna O. and saw some (well..oh okay..most) of the items are really fab and cutie. So I got hooked and so most of the time that I am online I surf and surf and surf for items that caught my eyes.

PS: It is not advisable to order shoes online specially if the size of your feet varies (meaning sometimes it 5 1/5 and sometimes it's 6 -mine- aheheh). Also you cannot touch to feel the material it is made of (blisters are ouchy, not to mention not a very likable sight). But it's good if they have a return policy -though I'm afraid not many of them have. =(

But nonetheless, it is really an enjoyable pastime but sometimes I go crazy over the items that I often have a battle with my logical and practical side of the brain plus a tug of war with my wallet. ahehehe.

PPS: Try it though, it is very convenient, efficient plus time and energy-saving as well.

PPS: Multiply is a haven of many young and creative entrepreneurs.


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