Sunday, July 22, 2007

Witnessing a DocuFest ala iWitness

This day I was excited to meet up with lheng and watch iWitness' Docufest @ SM Manila Cinema. This was just like way back in college (it's not that long ago though I really miss watching the shows. I'm having a hard time catching even just an episode due to my current erratic schedule.)

I thought that the cinema will be half-empty (talk about pre-conceived notions! haha.. it's just that, before documentaries are..uh..well, not appreciated in a country were the mass favored the movie with the latest 'it boy or girl' rather than the socially-relevant films.)

Anywei, my fave was the episode of Kara David, wherein she featured two girls with a rare illness that lets their body grow old at a very faster rate than normal (it's physically obvious as well). This story is very heart-warming, to think that personally I don't like stories or issues wherein the topic is a rare disease or something just to pinch the heart of the audience, but this one is different, I can feel the sincerity.. or maybe it was done nicely (oh well, it's their job to 'capture' the audience!)

Kudos to the scriptwriter and to Kara for being not an overly dramatic host. (may puso pero hindi OA to the point that I might want to just puke sa ka-plastikan LOL! Ü)

PS: After this docufest thingie, I then rushed somewhere up north coz I'm meeting up with a friend and we'll catch a movie.

How's your day doing?

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Camera Whoring

These were some of the photos taken just right after shift. We all still have the energy to smile for the camera. (can't help it!) These were my colleagues from IBM.

Pardon my lack of descriptive words, I'm not actually in the mood to paint vivid pictures in your minds as to what was happening behind those shots. wehehe..

eto pa o!


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Feeling Blue

It's Wednesday shift once again and it means a weekend for me (oh of course not literally, it's just that in my erratic shift schedule my weekly off are thursdays and fridays).

I dont know but I'm kinda feeling blue. I wish I could somehow understand the sh*t I'm feeling inside. I'm not liking the mood shifts I'm feeling (see, I'm typing a lot of 'feelings' here!) quite often nowadays -one moment I'm thoroughly happy as can be, then next I'm gloomy as the darkest rain cloud (pardon the corni comparison- this is the best that I can think of right now!)

Okay, so probably I'm not being reasonable (so what?!) You are not being quite honest about it as well..

I guess, I can't continue anymore... Let's talk after we've sorted out our feelings and can be honest regarding how we feel about it so we can get it over and done with!

Don't want to be left in the dark...

PS: Probably, I'm vague in this entry, I just don't want to elaborate the details..i just want to let it out.
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Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Sunday Night!

It's Sunday night.. not much a busy day for me! I am browsing the net for condos/apartments for rent near Commonwealth, QC [preferable 2 bedrooms- and located in a very secure subdivision or neighborhood (remember my experience in Baguio - well, probably not since I really am not posting blogs in this page yet when that incident occured- we were robbed while we were sleeping.. geez scary! dont wanna remember that incident!]

Oh well, we we're able to find one hat's within close proximity to the 'new' office building, 2 bedrooms and cheap (just 7,500!)But alas! when I tried the contact infos posted on the web - both (landline and mobile #) we're not working!! Well, too bad!

And now.. we're still looking for a flat!

Just wanna share...

earlier, I received a text message from arvee saying that she loaded her phone with prepaid credits so she can text me (awww sweetness!) and also that she is missing us (sob,sob) since she cant go with us every (or at least one Friday per month) at the staple rendezvous, since she havent got a Friday off yet.
I've also asked her about her mom, good thing she told me that she's coping (sometimes she feels depressed but just dont wanna let the others know -one tough momma!)
Miss you too bebi!! Hope you can join us soon (the sooner the better!)


* * *

On a lighter note, Lheng and I talked over YM regarding the CineManila (with Director Quentin Tarantino of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill among other films tucked under his belt) and our plan on July 21 to go to SM Manila and catch the free screening of i-Witness' docus (being documentary fanatics and also for the love of Howie - we loove the works of Howie Severino, especially my friend, Lheng who got her chance when he agreed for an interview with her!

Anyway, we got a date at SM Manila on July 21 after lunch. People if you wanna catch this event just drop by on the said place and date. This will be worth your time! Ü
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Date with Harry

I went to Gateway Mall earlier so I can buy tickets before the influx of people and the long queues. I checked the Globe Platinum Cinema (where the lay-z boys and unlimited popcorns and drinks are located) but alas! tickets there were already sold out! (and also the price of tickets are P350 so since we dont need that much popcorn and we're not that tired that we want to recline into a lay-z seat I opted to buy the cheaper tickets to the ordinary cineplex which costs just P170 each).

I then went to StarBucks to wait for my friends (since my feet are killing me). It's only 5:30pm so I've got a lot of time to kill. Yeah, I thought of shopping or window-shopping but since Im damn tired, I decided against it. Anyway, Starbucks is a nice and cozy place to hangout. I ordered my frap and orea cheesecake.(YUM!) Though, I was disappointed with the cheesecake, it was so rich that I got sated after 3 small bites of it!

Anyway, it was past 6pm when leng arrived within the area.. it's like all the people that came into the store with me at the same time left and I'm still there.. gosh, it's like forever.. but anywei, it's okay since I'm really excited to meet up with them 'cause we haven't met since we watched Transformers on it's first week (forgot the exact date!)

We had dinner first at the foodcourt on the 3rd level of the mall. Then, went to the cineplex to re-enter the now dark, deadly and mysterious world of Harry Potter.

The cinematography is great! I love the wand duel of two powerful wizards (Albus Dumbledore and he-who-must-not-be-named) though the plot or story seems to be missing something. Books are really better than the actual movies, but then the movie is a great feast on my eyes! Love the special effects!! Ü
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dont wanna be the Third Wheel

I am writing here today without any particular idea what I'm gonna write. I just feel the rush of letting the words flow out at the fingertips (uh, literally since im typin the letters-wehehe so corni! Ü)

Anywei, I realized that I must refrain from being overly accommodating to this person since I think as the day progress I'm starting to fall - wrong reasons, wrong time.. but the right person (i guess?!) I tried to ignore the feeling to the point that I almost bottled up my emotions and reactions towards the situation.. it's not at all healthy .. im tired and it is leaving a searing pain and it troubles my heart (lol) Hey! don't wanna be the third wheel here! So guess I'll try straighten this up and hopefully gain some control over my emotions -AGAIN-

*sob.. sob*
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Figure it out!!

I'm actually starting this new blog (hope I can manage to keep it updated though!)
I just got inspired by my friend's new blog (Lheng)

Honestly.. I always wanted to start this before it's just that I haven't got a time to spare. Also, I am a picture addict so I've got tons of photos (some were not yet uploaded in any of my sites! heehee-talk about lazyness)from all our escapades and when we just feel like wanting to capture our charms under the lenses of the camera (lol) so I have more stuff on multiply and the 100 alotted photos for friendster were already used up (except for the remaining 2 wherein for some unkown reasons the site just wont let me upload 2 photos for the remaining slots-GRRRR)

I will try to faithfully outpour my emotions and spill my secrets here.. see yah Ü
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Plurk it!



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