Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Getaway

Had my birthday getaway last July 26 to July 29. It was an awesome weekend! Away from the rat-race and the stressful traffic jam in the metro. Went out of town with my boo at Subic's Blue Rock Resort for a rainy swimming.

Got the rain, sand and salt waters on our hair and skin. It was fun, specially if you get to spend it with someone closest to your heart.

PS: My besfriends send their warmest greetings. I am so sorry if I wont be able to treat you out this time or if I wasnt able to spend my birthday with you guys. I'll make it up to you next time. I miss you all! Hhay antagal na natin di nagkikita kita! What happened to our Friday nights dinner or movie date?! -- I guess time keeps us physically apart, but it still we have each other in our hearts.. that'll do for now, until we're able to keep up with everyone's schedule. ^_^

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