Monday, March 31, 2008

Lovely Monday Morning

It's monday morning. It's a Sunny day. Gonna be a wonderful day!

Normally I find myself heading home straight from work but today, MY OH MY, I am preparing to go to the office. (hahaha for a change I'm doing the 9-5 normal office girl routine! --> only for a short stint though 'cause our schedule changes before you can say YEY OFF! next thing you know 1 lang ang off mu that week at bago na naman ang schedule mo! Argh!)

As I walked out of our house I noticed that it's a beautiful day outside, weather's not too hot and I even heard birds chirping. Poocha! parang gusto kong kumanta ng "Oh, what a beautiful mornin',
Oh, what a beautiful day. I got a beautiful feelin' Ev'rything's goin' my way." na hindi ko naman talaga alam ang tono at na-google ko lang bwahahaha! =>

So as we cruise along Ayala (sakay ng jeep na pampasahero), mejo traffic pero hindi ko ito alintana dahil nga it's a wonderful morning and I'm oh so feeling fine! I saw an executive (malay ko kung exec talaga sapagkat sya'y naka power suit ahahah ;p) buying taho (ung soy with syrup and sago) and it made me realize that there are some simple things, foods, habits that you want, eat, do and they make you happy. There are some thing from our childhood that we cannot outgrow.

Bakit ba ako ngbblog ngayon? Wala naman, natuwa lang ako sa isang magandang umaga na aking nasaksihan ngayon..usually kasi pauwi pa lang ako pagumaga at hindi ko napapansin ang aking paligid sapagkat ako'y sobrang pagod sa pagtatrabaho. (wow busy! haha)

I hope Monday Mornings are always wonderful so I can be more inspired to do the things I do and start the work week right!
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Friends+Magic Sing+Camera = Whole lot 'a FUN!

Friends spells F-U-N!!

For this weekend we hang out at Lheng's crib somewhere in Novaliches, QC. Im a bit late though (oh, okay.. well I'm really really late! ahehehee - I've got an alibi though - had a date -).

When I arrived, they are all there and creating chaos in the house! peace!

First, I ate, hehe who can resist food?! Food is my comfort. It helps me relax and makes me happy!

Since we missed going to videoke bars (we often do it during college weee) we all sing our hearts out, uh well, mostly John did since he won't pass the microphone to us and probably thought of staging his mini concert! nyahahaha

ABK bondi
ng moments would never be the same if we don't have our photo ops, so here are some of the photos I stole from my friends' sites.

*at ciempre yung maeemote kong pictures and pinost ko dito! hahaha AT dahil feel na feel ko ang pagkanta, sana lang I'm also hitting the high notes correctly nyahaha*

For more camera whoring, visit Lheng's and Jhevy's Multiply site and enter our wacky world. ^_^

PS: Too bad we have to go home 'cause I still have work tomorrow (damn schedule transition!) and also Hapi has an early Church commitment.


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