Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am an Ice cream Cake!! YUM!

Surprising, unique, and high maintenance.

You're one of a kind, and you don't want anyone to forget it.

You're fun in small doses, but it's easy for people to overdose on you!


Just saw this quiz from a fellow blogger, Island Paradise -since this person left a message to my cbox, I visited her page as well and I saw this quiz at dahil nacurious ako, gusto ko din malaman kung anong klaseng cake ako kungsakasakaling maging isa akong cake! Abay zoshal at Ice cream Cake daw ako hahaha!-

O kung wala kayo magawa eh di try to answer few questions and know What Kind of Cake Are You?

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Discovering Science in Mall of Asia

I've heard of a Science Discovery Center in SM Mall of Asia since last year (i think!) and I've been wanting to go there since then but having an erratic and ever-changing schedule (at syempre ang iba pang mga pinagkakaabalahan aside from work ;p) I havent had the time. Fortunately, my now-more-normal-person-schedule allows me to go and have fun.

The entrance fee is 330php for the gallery display and the 30-minute show inside the Planetarium. It's worth the pesos since you can explore the place in your own pacing and try the different displays they have.

I really enjoyed this experience and I felt like i'm a kid again. Weeee hahaha :D

Below are very few photos I managed to take (notice this time I don't have a picture of my own fez --> just giving chance to others nyahahaha :p)

On the first floor there's Digistar Planetarium where they showed a 30minute (or less) clip entitled 'The Search for Life: Are We Alone' and narrated by Harrison Ford

Then there's the Transportation Nation where you can try the Flight Stimulation (hindi ma-reach ng utak ko kung pano aayusin ang pagpapalipad nun andun sa screen! waaah try nyo baka mapagtanto nyo!) also, I was able to design a car and was rated for the materials I've used per parts.

On the same floor, there's the Grossology section,

where we get to meet the Burp Man

And I won the Grossology game over Gene. Yey! hahaha ;p I know, I'm gross! nyahaha :p

On the second floor we entered the Virtual Reef where we get to meet Mr. Tee, the talkingfish

Gene here having a ♥-to-♥ talk with Mr. Tee. nyahahaha

Oh! before I forget, on the first floor, we played volleyball, soccer and basketball in their Media City. I have a video clip of Gene shooting hoops virtually and it was really funny if your not looking on the monitor! ahahaha sayang I can't upload it since the file size is too large (o hindi lang ako talaga marunong! amp)

We had fun exploring the center.. You might want to check it yourself this weekend!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Ynggit ako! ;(

It's Monday morning and I'm here in the office. My fingers are flying as I type on the keyboard and my heart is fluttering as I think about the things I wanted to say.



HAHA hindi kaya!!

E gusto ko lang naman sabihin na I miss you ! At syempre pa ynggit ako kasi anjan ka sa Amorita Resort sa Panglao, Bohol at nakita mo ang mga Tarsier at ang Chocolate Hills! at higit sa lahat --> yan ay ALL EXPENSE-PAID NG COMPANY! ahuhuhu. *green with envy*

I wish I could go there (sana all expense-paid din! ahahaha☺)


Ngayong summer saan nga ba maganda pumunta??

I want someplace na hindi crowded (like the crowd sa Boracay)! gusto ko yung feel na feel mo ang peaceful vacation at tipong sa sceneries pa lang eh mapapananga ka na, maganda rin na maraming pwedeng gawing activities aside from swimming. (pero hindi ako mishadung marunong lumangoy ahahaha kaya hindi ko nafifeel ang summer eh!)


Sa bohol? para makakakita rin ng Tarsier at matuwa ang mga mata ko sa famed Chocolate Hills?

Sa Lago de Oro kung saan ayon sa aking nasagap kung saan-saan eh dun naganap ung wakeboarding competion nila Aga Muhlach dati??

eto ang mga things to do na nahagilap ko sa kanilang website:

♥ Waterski or wakeboarding by cable ski system
♥ Swimming in the pool or in the sea
♥ Walking/jogging around the ski lake (1 km)
♥ Playing volleyball/basketball
♥ Playing indoor games such as billiards, darts, cards andtable tennis
♥ Reading
book at our library
♥ Watching movies/sports/news by dream satellite TV
♥ Relax and enjoy having massage using sandalwood oil from Western Australia

♥ Enjoy while having your manicure/pedicure/foot spa

♥ Tour nearby places including sugar mill, sugar cane plantation, rice fields and more

♥ Play golf at Calatagan Golf Club (approx 5 kms away)

♥ Fishing in the sea or lake

♥ Rent a balsa and relax while having your lunch on the sea (aww soo shweet! ♥♥♥)

♥ Rent a boat and see the coastlines natural beauty

♥ Riding a carabao when it’s low tide
♥ Collecting beautiful sea shells when its low tide

♥ Snorkeling (I want to learn this!)

♥ Experience feeding sheep and lambs

♥ Watch the most spectacular sunset just in front of Lago

♥ Playing golf in the sand (beach)

♥ Helicopter landing pad (huh? zoshal! pero anong activity dito??)

O diba bonga sa dami ng pwede mong gawin sa loob lang ng resort!?

At eto ang Amenities:

  • 26 hotel units with aircon, hot and cold water
  • Restaurant and Bar where you can experience Northern Italian cuisine including pizza cooked in a proper wood burnt oven plus some of the best local “Seafood’s” such as fresh oysters (picked daily), clams, Prawns and more a variety of Filipino dishes
  • Swimming pool with – Sauna – Spa bath
  • Shop exclusive for “Australian Mt. Romance” (sandalwood, Emu oil and Larrikin range).
  • Conference room, air-conditioned could accommodate 100 person max
  • Company outing, Birthdays, weddings or any occasions up to 500 persons

rates? hmm average.. hindi sky high pero hindi rin naman rock bottom ang prices. check nyo na lang dito --> DITO pala. aheheh at ang GROUP packages nila

Any suggestions??
(comments o violent reactions?!)

Kayo, san gimik nyo sa summer??

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