Friday, May 2, 2008

Missing My Bebis

We've been through hell and back through college! (exaggerated for emphasis! nyahaha)

Most people say that highschool is the best and it highlights the adolescence stage in life. While I don't disagree with it, for me the best and most memorable phase in my life was during my college years. Of course it's not the best time of your school life since there are tons to do in college -thesis, video productions, plays and other presentations, research and interviews left and right, not to mention that in my Alma Matter, peepz are scholarly competitive! Whew! nyahaha that's one thing I don't like much in college!- This is where I learned to be human enough to admit my mistakes and weaknesses, and I've discovered my strengths and capabilities.

My college days played a big part in my transformation (of course hindi naman ako ngevolve into something new. Katakot naman iyon!) wherein I learned to appreciate simple things and be ever greatful in the life I'm living. Also, it helps that I've got beautiful people I call Friends - who believes in me, helps me every step of the way and keeps me grounded.

In college, I've learned who are real and who are just there for the sake of having a companion (user!! tsk) You don't call yourself a friend just because you always group yourselves in every project or assignment. Seeing each other everyday and having lunch together doesn't count as well.

Friends are people who stay with you through thick and thin (sabi nga ni Jelopy, parang asawa yan! ahahaha ;p) Complicated schedules should never be a hindrance! You don't have to see each other everyday, but you have to have each other in your hearts! ♥♥♥ (naks!)

If you have those people who stick through ups and downs; those who haul you up your feet when you're down and is going through hell-of-difficulties; those who have the guts to kick your ass and tell you upfront the silliest things you did and is still doing, then your lucky, luv.

Why am I blogging today? It's just that I miss my friends. I miss the giggles and laughters even at the most corniest jokes, the pout of the lips when one's making tantrums (wahahaha nggaganun pa?!), and most of all the videoke na naging magic sing sessions (zoshal na!), the camwhoring moments at and pagsshoot ng walang kwentang videos na mapagtripan i-roleplay!

And so I created this miniclip for my ABK Bebis! I miss you guys! Mwahugz

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