Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween -- Trick or Treat?

I've long been meaning to write however, I just started my new home-based job so I am reading a lot of modules and training materials to better equip me to face the challenges ahead.

September will be over in a couple of minutes [maybe it will be over even before I publish this post]. As early as the first week of this month, as I was doing my usual mall rounds [ha!] I've seen the usual Halloween stuff. Ah, these retail stores are gearing up for the Halloween as early as September (?) I though, do we really celebrate Halloween as they do in other countries? I'm not talking about the visiting of the departed dearly beloveds armed with flowers, candles and what-have-yous. I am referring to the commercialized aspect of Halloween -- attending costume parties here and a li'l of trick-and-treat there, you get my drift? Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against going to parties and dressing up as what - a vampire? LOL. fairies, princess, witch, ghouls and sometimes even superheroes. In fact, back then, we will always dress up and have a family reunion with a Halloween theme!

I remember, as a child I always ended up with the wicked witch costume, while I love the black polish and the goth make-up [not to mention, I can easily get away with my antsy and bratty attitude], as a kid I would like to experience dressing up as a dainty, li'l princess or fairy! But I've come to terms with the idea that I may not be too dainty to be that all sugar-y sweet character/s! Ah, bitterness sucks! :P

Nowadays Halloween is highly commercialized and overrated! It would be nice if we spend this season with friends and family [with our departed loved ones] to party  to remember them or to just simply pray for the repose of their souls instead to partying with some random colleagues who are just really backstabbing strangers!

Anyhoo, below are the displays and other Halloween stuff of some famous malls.

The usual 'hideous' masks
Halloween Display
Masks with feather
 Below is a photo of li'l witches from last year's Halloween party.

Ah! I remember my childhood costume! lol.

With this, I wish you all a spooky Halloween! ^_^

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