Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shutterfly Adventure in Zambales

Turkey Day in the US! Wee no work! Oh well, it doesnt matter since the day is really my work off. Anyway, half of the team (i think..) went on a resort in Pundaquit, Zambales. It's 1.5 hours away from Subic, but since we're not familiar with the place (well i think none of us really know) it probably took us moooore than that.

The road to the resort is, well sorta creepy (its pitch dark when we drove on the narrow winding road that seems to lead us nowhere.. hehe)

I love it when we island hop to Anawangin Cove! It's picturesque. Amazing rock formations (too bad dont have a camera with me -> but i doubt i'll be able to take decent pictures since the boat ride was rather rough with the presence of temperamental waves) It's really peaceful and relaxing!

I definitely will go back to Anawangin (and hopefully to Capones Island after) but i cant say the same to Megan's Resort, where we stayed for the night.

Check out some of our photos below:

More Photos here! ^_^

You guys might wanna check out and visit Anawangin Cove, and don't forget to island hop to Capones after! (Just make sure you take precautions and safety measures wherever you'll travel)

Enjoy! tata



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