Friday, December 28, 2007

Topsey Turvey Ride [Delayed Posting]

Howdy folks?

I have had a lot of things going on -- did a lot of things, visited different places but I'm not able to blog it. You see I'm a photoholic, I love showing uploading photos instead of posting photo-less boring article. I have tons of pictures in my multiply site, call me narcissistic if you must, but that's me! [Fine, maybe I'm just being lazy-uh or whatever!]

Anyhoo, last December 8, I went out with zee boyfie and off we went to Mall of Asia for our pre-monthsary [is there even such a thing?!] date.

Then we went to the Global Fun Carnival [a.k.a Eurostar Carnival] and I so looove their Ferris Wheel where I get a good view of the Metro, err, more like the side of Manila Bay. lol. We went inside attractions after attractions such as Pirates and Jurrasic. I'm not really a fan of those haunted house-like features wherein staff in ghoulish attires randomly jump out at you, literally, and give you a heart attack! [scares the hell outta me!] Zee boyfie wanted to ride the Ranger, the one that makes a full 360-degree turn. Geesh, I turned green just looking at the stomach-hurling ride. Instead, I suggested we ride Flipper first since it doesn't flip our stomach upside down. Lady luck must be on my side tonight as after the Flipper ride he felt sick that he didn't feel going in for another innards-flipping adventure. hahaha
source: google images
Sneaky me took two shots of him unknowingly! [well, he actually saw it but is oblivious. lol]

G: 'Wait lang, let me sit for awhile, umiikot ang mundo ko' [my world's spinning] *Barf*

PS: Well he didn't actually said those but it's fun to add dialogue ahaha.. but he did puke! 

He was seeing doubles after the Flipper ride! [there goes our ride-all-you-can tickets]

So for now, I think we won't be going anywhere near a carnival yet! Dang!

What a day! Sending some love,

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