Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Facade ☺

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year ahead Everyone! ☺

Hope ya'll had a bLaSt celebrating the birthday of our Saviour!

I just came in from a hiatus! (read: long weekend) No work, All F-U-N! Yey! I just soo love Christmas! Though I miss the real looong holiday breaks we used to have in school!

New Year is fast approaching! toot toot

New Year. New Life. New Love?! (just kidding ☺).. and of course, New BLOG layout! ahehe

So much for the dark and stark contrasting font colors of my blog.. now it should be clear and bright! I wanted to have a bright and sunny disposition! Ahaha Wanted to start the effin year right!! ☻

GodBless Peepz!

Much love

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