Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Silver Anniversary on Earth

Hello, I just turned 25..

Unlike all those who jotted down a list of to do things since they turned 25, I will list down things I have accomplished before I reached my silver year.. and hopefully I will be able to enumerate 25 things (otherwise, I will just have to add to my list before I reach my golden years.. heehee)

So, on to the list..

1. Graduated from college (this is really included!)

2. Was able to find a job (2 at that!)

3. Earned my own money (but doesn't necessarily mean I was able to save much. BOO!)

4. Had an article published in our corporate newsletter in I**. ;o)

5. Became a C.R.I.B.S volunteer for a day

6. Started an online blog

7. Kept a planner and religiously jot down my usually chaotic schedule and other stuff in my everyday life.

8. Changed my hair color.

9. Pampered my feet and hands every 2weeks (to a month, if I'm kinda lazy)

10. Experienced the painful art of waxing and got hooked! (I'm no masochist, but I like being free from shaving-induced cuts and nicks)

11. Cried while having my brows threaded.

12. Cried over sappy love stories (yep I used to have a heart of stone - unmoved, unfeeling and apathetic)

13. Vacation with my BFFs (Baguio, Zambales, is Antipolo included? hehe)

14. Team buildings and company parties (ah, I feel like a grown up!)

15. Falling in love (and having someone to catch me.. )

16. Discovering who are real and who are pretentious hypocrites.

17. Theme parks (just to have fun and feel like a kid..again)

18. Visited museums to discover our heritage, reconnect with the past in order to appreciate the present.

19. Visited science centers/exhibits to be awed by the 'new world' and other wonders.

20. Visited old churches (in NCR, Cavite, and the really old ones in Ilocos Norte)

21. Went on road trips with zee boyfie (Subic, Baguio, Antipolo, Taytay Rizal, Ilocos Norte, Pagudpud and hoping to cover more so we can discover more from each other as we discover more of our beautiful country).

22. Bought my Red Canon Ixus 100is (from my own earnings.. no more pestering my mom for new 'toys').

23. Bought my new baby, the Pink ASUS Eee PC Seashell (1005P).

24. Read financial books (and other self-help books, like 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad, 'The Money Diet', and Camilla Morton's 'A Year in High Heels)

A Year in High Heels  Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!

25. Attended and will attend more, events (such as the events from Belle de Jour.. and hopefully, events sponsored by others too! *wink*)

Geez, I've hit my numbers already.. and I have more things to write such as 'bought shake for officemate/s', rode a Calesa/Caritella', 'played at arcades (I used to hate it when I was a kid, because of the noise)','started my online scrapbook/photobook', 'went inside the horror house in a theme park (and drove me crazy!)', 'attended a non-Catholic Bible study (which I enjoyed and learned a lot from)' and oh, 'I RESIGNED!' and tons of other fun and not-so-fun stuff that happened the past 20something years in my life.

I am ever grateful to God for giving me this wonderful gift of life and granting me an opportunity to enjoy it and learn from it's experiences.. to my Mom, who at times might not feel that I appreciate her enough (but believe me, I do, and I think I will include 'be vocal about my feelings' in my personal To-do list, so I can include it in my 30 accomplished lists someday).. to my craziest and wackiest, but ever loyal friends whom I can just be me, say things I want and who kicks my ass when I do something wrong but will comfort me when I am so feeling down.. to my brother, with whom I always fight with but whom I can share anything about.. to my bestest and loving friend & boyfriend, G, who is supportive and understanding - with you, I don't need to pretend I am an ideal and a superwoman girl - I can just be my bitchy, arte but sweet self! LOL

..and to others - who stayed or maybe, just passed by in my life.. you all made my 25 years of existence colorful and is a part of who I am today. Cheers!

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