Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Of Blog Contests, Events and Sulitizen

I am blogging as it is cathartic - it gives me a feeling of peace and freedom. It brings me joy everytime the article I am typing gets to the stage wherein I actually hit the publish button -- oftentimes though, laziness is getting the best of me.. or could it be what they call writer's block?? Personally, I'm not sure, all I know is an idea will hit me and then I find my fingers caressing the keyboard and pffft! Before I knew it, I deleted everything I typed in because I am not sure what angle to write, what to include, how to end it, (insert my long list of excuses. LOL) . And then I would remember, I write as it is better to have an emotional outburst in my uncomplaining notebook and my sturdy keyboard than stab others with sharp nabbing words!

Oh well, enough about it. Let's talk about other blogs.

Whenever I read blogs I always see contests left and right (I know it's a way to maintain readers/audience) and I always wonder why they buy all those pretty stuff just to give away to strangers readers, I must have been hiding under a rock! Now, I learned that they have sponsors (ohh lucky them!) that sends them those cute li'l give-aways (not before hand-picking what items to keep for themselves, I know. *wink*) I am never lucky at raffle draws before and I don't know why that will change, but I have tried to enter a few of those contests - I lose more, than I win. Oh well, but I will still try my luck one last time.. oh! but before I do, I almost forgot.. I wasn't able to attend the Blogger's Fiesta last night at The Fort! (boo!) I heard it was fun and engaging.

Moving on, though I wasn't able to personally meet & greet those bloggers, I was still able to meet a few friends through friends of friends and through the social networks (how else?!). One of them is Mhel , and I am trying to support her on her entry in one of's contests that has something to do with a definition of a Sulitizen (a term coined from Sulit and citizen, to mean a certified member of their website). Details after the jump.

Please vote for:
Sulitizen : The Epitome of Frugality

by blankPixels of Just Another Pixel

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Buy and Sell Philippines

And with this, I am crossing my fingers and ankles, hopefully I will bag something when the raffle draws near.

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blankPixels on September 4, 2010 at 4:39 PM said...

Thank you so much for the support, sis! :)

I also wasn't able to attend Blogger Fiesta. I hope we'd be included in the bloggers screening this Monday of Despicable Me so we can meet :)

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