Monday, August 20, 2007


I've been browsing my Friendster Blog (to re-read the entries I've typed in and also because I am feeling kinda senti!) when I chanced upon this entry last December '06.. I still feel this way even if it's more than a year since graduating from college.

Read on..
WARNING: Not for the faint hearted-- too serious to handle!!

Gosh, i can't believe i'm working now... it's like only yesterday that we are loitering around PLM's campus and discussing our projects or creating a plot or even 'squeezing ourselves like a lemon' just so we could produce an answer to the brain-draining and nose-bleeding crisis of pr.. hehehe..

but now, i'm here in an airconditioned room, in front of a computer and should be sending emails to customers, but is actually typing this article for a personal blog. teehee ^_^

i miss all the times wherein we would just sit under one shed or on the grass and looking (and scrutinizing) everything and everyone we see.. sharing stories, giggling and just having fun... as if nothing's the matter.. and we're not beating every subject's deadlines!!

it's just now that it's sinking into my system that college life's over.. the virtual reality had passed, i'm now playing in the real game called -- LIFE!

now i'm telling myself, in college when we fail an exam or recitation, we can always make it up next time. but in this reality game, we can never have the same exact scenario, there'll be no next time-- we can only have experiences gained and lessons learned..

but no matter what, i know i have my family and friends to help me hurdle the obstacles that'll come my way, who'll slow me down when i'm running too fast and who'll pick me up when i stumble..

"may ganung factor??.. nagdadrama!!"

This entry transcends me through time! I know, we (my closest college friends) make it a point to
meet every weekends or at least twice a month.. but still it's very different from what it used to
be way back in college -where we have everyday of our college life to talk, laugh at goof around- today, we don't have the luxury of time to do that anymore (and i guess, there never will be) that is why aside from Friday night gimiks we also plan (a very looooong planning indeed- which entails, synchronizing scheds, scheduling office leaves and other what tos?!) a long weekend trip to a place away from the rat-race in Makati (Lheng & I) or Manila (Pau & Hapi), in hope that we can find solace and seek comfort from each other -while ranting our frustrations and sharing our goals and being excited and glad on each other's achievements and accomplishments.

Gosh, I am just so freakin' melodramatic.. I think I can write a tear-jerking script- but then again maybe not!

PS: I just came from our weekend getaway at Hapi's place in Antipolo. We actually have the gal to swim and defy typhoon Egay's wrath.

*No Egay! you can't stop us! Rain or shine if our mind is set in doing it.. do it we will! haha... -yeah, we're that stubborn.. or atleast I think, we are ;)

It's fun and we've got tons and tons of photos.. ÜÜÜ

Hows your day going? Are you missing someone dear too?

hugs n kisses

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2 sweet nothings:

leng on August 21, 2007 at 9:18 AM said...

Hey you!
Haay, nakaka-senti naman itong post na ito, especially on the first work day of the week! Hehe.. Di bale, what matters most is that, despite the time (and money!) constraints, the friendship still remains. At pang-forever na yun, whether you like it or not! Wala ka nang kawala sa akin at sa amin, no! :)

Ang drama mo, bru! Nahawa tuloy ako! Love you!

rhia on August 21, 2007 at 9:32 PM said...

namiss ko kasi kayo agad eh.. haaay!
nateateary-eyed na nga ako eh.. Ü
Love din kita! Mwaaaah

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