Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fun-filled Day

We always make it a point to dine out every Friday of the week, just to personally fill in on each other's life -work and love (or the lack of it) or allot an entire day for each other. It's not just tetĂȘ-a-tetĂȘ that we do.. We just loove to eat, and eat we do! We're just soo damn lucky it doesn't show!

be green with envy .. LOL

The rundown: Had luch at our fave (at least mine) pizza parlour, Carlo's Pizza- where I soo love the non-greasy-melt-in-your-mouth pizza; then talked and throw jokes on each other; then watched Ratatoullie while   rolling our eyes over the uncivilized being who can't help but repeat to his companion what is being shown on the big screen! Duh?! I wonder if he woorks for a radio station (probably a dubber - ay nagluluto yung daga, hahaha nabunggo yung bike) hallaer! it's like we can see it naman?! Some people are just so whatevah!!

Then, had a guilty pleasure dessert at Chocolat. I had the sinfully delicious Bailey's Cake

AHA Hapi! Sira ang South Beach diet! ahehe Lagot kami kay Abba!

Hapi: Guilty!

PS: I loove the animation and the story even if it's just so gross seing a cooking-rat-infested-four star-restaurant.


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