Sunday, June 20, 2010

Negativity Surrounds Me


Months (or was it years?) of reasoning out why I need a netbook came to a halt last week, as we've decided to get me a pretty nifty li'l lappie (and it's a dainty pink!)

I was so excited as I think of the things I'll be writing and photos I will be posting. I keep smiling to myself as I draft and hang on to the train of thoughts which I think were good for my blogging articles. But, alas! more than a week had passed and all I did was surf surf and surf the net for online shopping, social networks, games, live streaming, download movies and none of the writing or blogging stuff!

Darn! I am too lazy to even type a single article, much more to keep a personal blogging site! (just a waste of cyber space) I think I am kidding myself when I said that I will be using online blogging as a therapeutic way to release all tensions and negativity that is all around me. The real therapy I have in mind is shopping! Yes, retail therapy! As it has always been -- it doesn't matter if it's in the mall or in a virtual space -- as long as I get to buy stuff I like! I know this is bad for my wallet's health but for the time being, this is my way of calming, healing and getting rid of the bad energies that is so strongly hovering above me and is waiting for me to breakdown before it eats me up alive!

In time, I will be able to keep my shopaholic tendencies to a minimum, but for now, let me have my own therapeutic way of dealing  and coping in  this big bad world.

This is what illustrates how I am feeling the past few days.. gloomy, dark, lost, however you might want to interpret the photo.. it's such a creepy feeling that I need to dislodge, and fast!!

PS: I sure am sorry for all this negativity I am releasing in the cyber world. Bear with me for a li'l while. I am hoping to be a li'l cheery and bright SOON..

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