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Reignite Your Romance with Work

Nowadays, I think I’m running on autopilot and I think I’m running towards self-destruction! Is it really dead-end for my current situation? Is it just burnout or is my irregular working hours already activating my stress hormones and thus this unexplainable crappy feeling?!
I am spending so much time on the internet as it makes me forget everything (just what shopping does too!) and makes me enter a pseudo-world in cyberspace.
I stumbled upon this great article and as I was reading it, it gave me some spark of hope in this seemingly bleak world I’m currently trapped. I would like to share these tips on how to re-ignite your romance with your work – or consider courting another one. Hopefully this will help you feel better, as it does for me.
I will try following a few of these steps and mayhaps, I will determine what path I should take.
Read on the article after the jump.
Reignite Your Romance with Work

If feelings about your career tend more toward disenchantment, the good news is that there are several steps you can take to change that, from improving your current situation to exploring other career options.  
·  Consider the 80/20 Ratio: Curt Rosengren, career columnist for US News & World Report, says, “If you love what you’re doing 80 percent of the time, you’re doing pretty well. The energy you get from the work you do probably far outweighs the drain of the things you don’t like.” Stay focused on the pleasure you derive 80 percent of the time.
·  Conduct a Research Project: What about your current situation doesn’t work for you? What does? How can you respond differently? If you feel unappreciated or ignored, find appropriate ways to become more visible. Make sure your opinion is known by seeking opportunities to speak up. Or if you’re stuck on autopilot, request more responsibility to further develop your skills. Exploration can energize your routine and help adjust your attitude. 
·  Complete a Self-Assessment to Discover Your Passion: Heather Hollick, founder of coaching firm Rizers in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, encourages people to find “their sweet spot” -- the intersection of what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at and what brings value in the marketplace. Identifying this overlap is crucial to loving your career. 
·  Is Your Boss the Problem?: Lastly, if you don't get along with your boss or coworkers, limit interactions with them as much as possible. Focus on your performance and results.  
 If these strategies still leave you restless, it may be time to begin looking for a new job.        
 Remember, “it’s your career -- you own it and live with it, so make sure you love it,” says Hollick.


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