Monday, June 28, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Fever

The Twilight Saga fans maybe divided into Team Edward and Team Jacob, but come June 30, 2010 they will unite and march to their neighborhood's theaters and watch as Eclipse, another Twilight saga will be released. Learn how a vampire (Edward) and a wolf, supposedly a shape-shifter (Jacob) will fight for and are willing to die for the human girl (Bella) they love.

Watch the Official and Final Theatrical Eclipse trailer below:

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Click here for more Eclipse trailers and clips

I am a fan of the author, Stephenie Meyer and is excited to see how they interpreted it into a movie. Not to mention that Rob Pattinson is hawt! *wink*

For sure, opening nights will be jam-packed so I will be reserving my  our (the BF and I) tickets now. 

Have you reserved yours? Who are you gonna watch this movie with? Drop me a line and tell me anything about the saga or the actors.

See you at the movies. TATA! 

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