Sunday, July 22, 2007

Witnessing a DocuFest ala iWitness

This day I was excited to meet up with lheng and watch iWitness' Docufest @ SM Manila Cinema. This was just like way back in college (it's not that long ago though I really miss watching the shows. I'm having a hard time catching even just an episode due to my current erratic schedule.)

I thought that the cinema will be half-empty (talk about pre-conceived notions! haha.. it's just that, before documentaries are..uh..well, not appreciated in a country were the mass favored the movie with the latest 'it boy or girl' rather than the socially-relevant films.)

Anywei, my fave was the episode of Kara David, wherein she featured two girls with a rare illness that lets their body grow old at a very faster rate than normal (it's physically obvious as well). This story is very heart-warming, to think that personally I don't like stories or issues wherein the topic is a rare disease or something just to pinch the heart of the audience, but this one is different, I can feel the sincerity.. or maybe it was done nicely (oh well, it's their job to 'capture' the audience!)

Kudos to the scriptwriter and to Kara for being not an overly dramatic host. (may puso pero hindi OA to the point that I might want to just puke sa ka-plastikan LOL! Ü)

PS: After this docufest thingie, I then rushed somewhere up north coz I'm meeting up with a friend and we'll catch a movie.

How's your day doing?

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