Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feeling Blue

It's Wednesday shift once again and it means a weekend for me (oh of course not literally, it's just that in my erratic shift schedule my weekly off are thursdays and fridays).

I dont know but I'm kinda feeling blue. I wish I could somehow understand the sh*t I'm feeling inside. I'm not liking the mood shifts I'm feeling (see, I'm typing a lot of 'feelings' here!) quite often nowadays -one moment I'm thoroughly happy as can be, then next I'm gloomy as the darkest rain cloud (pardon the corni comparison- this is the best that I can think of right now!)

Okay, so probably I'm not being reasonable (so what?!) You are not being quite honest about it as well..

I guess, I can't continue anymore... Let's talk after we've sorted out our feelings and can be honest regarding how we feel about it so we can get it over and done with!

Don't want to be left in the dark...

PS: Probably, I'm vague in this entry, I just don't want to elaborate the details..i just want to let it out.

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