Saturday, July 14, 2007

Date with Harry

I went to Gateway Mall earlier so I can buy tickets before the influx of people and the long queues. I checked the Globe Platinum Cinema (where the lay-z boys and unlimited popcorns and drinks are located) but alas! tickets there were already sold out! (and also the price of tickets are P350 so since we dont need that much popcorn and we're not that tired that we want to recline into a lay-z seat I opted to buy the cheaper tickets to the ordinary cineplex which costs just P170 each).

I then went to StarBucks to wait for my friends (since my feet are killing me). It's only 5:30pm so I've got a lot of time to kill. Yeah, I thought of shopping or window-shopping but since Im damn tired, I decided against it. Anyway, Starbucks is a nice and cozy place to hangout. I ordered my frap and orea cheesecake.(YUM!) Though, I was disappointed with the cheesecake, it was so rich that I got sated after 3 small bites of it!

Anyway, it was past 6pm when leng arrived within the area.. it's like all the people that came into the store with me at the same time left and I'm still there.. gosh, it's like forever.. but anywei, it's okay since I'm really excited to meet up with them 'cause we haven't met since we watched Transformers on it's first week (forgot the exact date!)

We had dinner first at the foodcourt on the 3rd level of the mall. Then, went to the cineplex to re-enter the now dark, deadly and mysterious world of Harry Potter.

The cinematography is great! I love the wand duel of two powerful wizards (Albus Dumbledore and he-who-must-not-be-named) though the plot or story seems to be missing something. Books are really better than the actual movies, but then the movie is a great feast on my eyes! Love the special effects!! Ü

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leng on July 15, 2007 at 11:31 PM said...

That part when Sirius died is one of my favorites, napaka-powerful ng emotions. Or affected lang talaga ako?

And that pic of the three of us is funny! Saan kaya kami nakatingin ni Pau? Ü

rhia on July 16, 2007 at 12:18 AM said...

I think you're just affected wehehe 'cause the scene wasnt shown yet but you're already crumbling on your seat. wehehe peace out bebi! Ü But I like how it was executed as well, 'cause it's in mute when Sirius was kinda shouting but you can feel the intensity of that shot and the loss of the character.. wheew!

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