Monday, July 9, 2007

Figure it out!!

I'm actually starting this new blog (hope I can manage to keep it updated though!)
I just got inspired by my friend's new blog (Lheng)

Honestly.. I always wanted to start this before it's just that I haven't got a time to spare. Also, I am a picture addict so I've got tons of photos (some were not yet uploaded in any of my sites! heehee-talk about lazyness)from all our escapades and when we just feel like wanting to capture our charms under the lenses of the camera (lol) so I have more stuff on multiply and the 100 alotted photos for friendster were already used up (except for the remaining 2 wherein for some unkown reasons the site just wont let me upload 2 photos for the remaining slots-GRRRR)

I will try to faithfully outpour my emotions and spill my secrets here.. see yah Ü

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