Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Sunday Night!

It's Sunday night.. not much a busy day for me! I am browsing the net for condos/apartments for rent near Commonwealth, QC [preferable 2 bedrooms- and located in a very secure subdivision or neighborhood (remember my experience in Baguio - well, probably not since I really am not posting blogs in this page yet when that incident occured- we were robbed while we were sleeping.. geez scary! dont wanna remember that incident!]

Oh well, we we're able to find one hat's within close proximity to the 'new' office building, 2 bedrooms and cheap (just 7,500!)But alas! when I tried the contact infos posted on the web - both (landline and mobile #) we're not working!! Well, too bad!

And now.. we're still looking for a flat!

Just wanna share...

earlier, I received a text message from arvee saying that she loaded her phone with prepaid credits so she can text me (awww sweetness!) and also that she is missing us (sob,sob) since she cant go with us every (or at least one Friday per month) at the staple rendezvous, since she havent got a Friday off yet.
I've also asked her about her mom, good thing she told me that she's coping (sometimes she feels depressed but just dont wanna let the others know -one tough momma!)
Miss you too bebi!! Hope you can join us soon (the sooner the better!)


* * *

On a lighter note, Lheng and I talked over YM regarding the CineManila (with Director Quentin Tarantino of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill among other films tucked under his belt) and our plan on July 21 to go to SM Manila and catch the free screening of i-Witness' docus (being documentary fanatics and also for the love of Howie - we loove the works of Howie Severino, especially my friend, Lheng who got her chance when he agreed for an interview with her!

Anyway, we got a date at SM Manila on July 21 after lunch. People if you wanna catch this event just drop by on the said place and date. This will be worth your time! Ü

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